Camp Journal


21st July 2013

The sun shone down on camp this Sunday making it a lovely day for the annual session 2 Camp Suisse Olympics. All the campers were split into teams after lunch with a country allocated to each team.Then, in camp Olympic tradition, it was time to paint flags on faces and banners (some flags such as Brazil and Kenya gave some countries more of an artistic challenge) and made up some war chants for each country as they prepared to compete. Then it was off to the football field for a variety of games from where campers would be able to demonstrate their skill, speed and strength such as 3 legged race, sack race and the bean bag toss. Some officials debated as signs of possible cheating were shown in the egg and spoon race but in sporting spirit the teams were only penalised their points rather than excluded. After the games it was onto everyone’s favourite… the chant off!! This involves each country demonstrating their own personalised Olympic chant with renditions of ‘Call Me Maybe’ from team Japan and the Lion King from team Kenya. However, the winners of the day with the most enthusiasm for each activity and their team country was….. AUSTRAILIA!!! The worthy winners were announced during dinner with Ireland and USA taking second and third. After dinner it was time for the language talent show where campers demonstrated songs, dances and plays for the rest of the camp. The most entertaining award of the night was given to Bart and his group.

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