Camp Journal

The Calm Before the Storm

14th June 2013

It’s been a quiet week here at camp Suisse. The absence of kids always leaves its mark upon camp, as cloudy weather seemed to creep in on Monday with the arrival of new staff. Training and preparations have occupied everyone’s days, but today marks a change; the sun is up and shining a spell over us, old and new staff are united in their roles, and the eminent arrival of kids is in the forefront of everyone’s mind casting an air of excitement throughout camp. Group leaders are up and out on a whirlwind tour of the excursions the kids will be enjoying, the activity leaders are fine tuning their climbing skills on an outdoor climbing pitch in place, while the kitchen and restaurant staff are cooking up a storm and setting up the dining hall to cater for the new arrivals. Tonight the whole team will come together and regale each other with tales of our day, as we do every night, safe in the knowledge that we’re moving towards our common goal of making this the best year ever for the kids. 

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