Camp Journal

Saturday – all colours

3rd August 2013

An unusual day awaited our campers, mixed with a sense of bitterness as some very early goodbyes had to be made for those campers leaving us after this first week. While numbers might have reduced, the daily routine still remained largely untouched. A post-breakfast tidying of rooms was in order, followed by sports and languages as usual. The afternoon was spent in a rather chilled-out fashion with all of the campers being led to the football pitch via a rather more scenic route than usual so as to allow the campers to wath various stages of ‘Torgonabike’ which had been taking place all weekend. Upon arrival at the football pitch, still surrounded by the mountain bike tracks and competitors, the campers were left with the option to get involved with frisbee, football, or rounders. A brief dash of rain did not dampen any spirits as the campers enjoyed a chance to let their hair down on a less activity-driven afternoon. Shower hour and dinner ensued as always, before the Reds and Blues set about expressing their creative sides in ‘Arts & Crafts’ during their evening activities, while the Greens and Yellows split themselves between indoor football and the belting tunes of the hip hop dance lesson being hosted by Head of Colour, Tiff. 

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