Camp Journal

Session Two – Day One – Reds and Blues

19th July 2015

Reds and Blues woke up ready and raring for their first day at Camp Suisse, after a hearty breakfast all campers were tested on their language skills ready for lessons to begin on Monday.

Before lunch, we had enough just enough time to squeeze in a couple of skills sessions necessary for surviving in the woods; stove training and navigation. Once everyone had got to grips with a compass and had learned about the three different types of ‘North’ we all enjoyed an International lunch in the Camp Suisse dining room.

When the campers were finished raiding the tuck shop we all made our way back into the words to work on our shelter and hammock building skills, as well as learning how to filter our own water with Sphagnum moss found in the Torgon forest.

After dinner, the reds and blues went head-to-head in the Torgona hunt challenge, an über treasure hunt which takes them all over Torgon searching for clues.



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