Camp Journal

A rocktastic day

2nd August 2012

The day had begun with languages and sport sessions, which gave the Greens and Yellows some practice at football in preparation for the evening game against the staff. Some of the Greens were on top form at the practice with some impressive passes from Tom and diving saves from Sammy and Alex. They put up a sterling fight against two of the staff team stars JP and Harry who also hit the deck attempting to steal the ball from Toby!


After some quick cheesy Camp Suisse photos in colour groups, it was time for the Green group to head down to Columbey to put their climbing skills they learned on the indoor wall to the test on the real life crag. Some made their way up in speedy timing like Vika and Meer others such as Oscar did well to overcome their fears or impressed activity leaders Tom, Toria and Sarah with their belaying skills like Melina and Matteo. 


After climbing, the groups made it back up the mountain for some of Camp Suisse’s most popular dishes – lasagne. This gave campers some much needed energy for the evening activity of a staff vs pupils football match. Some good play was on display from Leonardo and Kaan against the larger more experienced (debatable) staff team. Sadly their efforts fell short marginally losing 5-3 but all including staff players, agreed that the kids were the better team with some very impressive play – well done greens! 

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