Camp Journal

Reds and Blues Camping

25th July 2012

Reds and Blues


An excited aura surrounded camp for the Reds and Blues as they eagerly awaited their camping expedition at the Ski refuge located further in to the mountain. After a thorough kit check by our enthusiastic activity leaders Toria, Kirsty and Tom, who were leading our hike, the Red group set off in the minibus to be dropped at a higher location. Whilst the intrepid Blue group began their hike from Camp Suisse HQ. It was a hot and sunny day, but each camper found their inner Edmund Hilary and walked overcame difficult terrain with little complaint, accompanied by some excellent singing and stories along the way. Particularly enthusiastic hikers Anjola and Demi led the Blue group, while Jackson headed the Red group. 

After nearly 4 hours of walking in the baking Swiss sun plentiful with breaks for water from the mountainous water troughs along the way we reached our destination. Any tiredness the campers may have felt was soon forgotten as the groups discovered the chalet. They eagerly found their rooms and enjoyed some free time relaxing, playing table tennis and table football. For those campers still abundant in energy, they headed across the French boarder to appreciate the scenery and collect wood for the fire. 

A long day of walking had allowed the campers to work up a fierce appetite and all were appreciative of the evening BBQ prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff with a variety of sausage, burgers, chicken, potatoes and salads served. Evening entertainment was performed around the campfire and songs and stories were shared between all campers. Maan was particularly impressed with Toria’s Torgon song! Meanwhile Piper, Nathan and Lejla provided some scary Camp Suisse stories. Time enough for hot chocolate banana boats before the exhausted campers headed off to bed.


The next morning, campers awoke to a beautiful morning and quickly assembled for a scrumptious breakfast of beans on toast and cereal. After campers had packed up their dorms and had a final refill of water bottles they bid au revoir to their fabulous chefs and headed off down the mountain. Tom kept the group together at a sensible place with plenty of water breaks in the lovely sunshine. The campers had clearly recovered from the previous day’s exertions and raced down the mountain at a record pace of under two hours. 


After such a busy previous 24 hours the Red group enjoyed a slightly more leisurely afternoon of mural painting and a walk into the forest. Each group painted their own poster with some excellent Italian patriotism on display from Eve and Ricardo. With a swift break for afternoon tea and Red group headed into the forest, where the boys and girls built some excellent rival dens. An evening DVD and hot chocolate settled a thoroughly chilled out day for the Red group. 



Another glorious day in Torgon made for a nice start to the morning activities and laid the perfect scene for Camp Suisse’s very own Wimbledon. Both halves of the group gave their best performance and a moment in shade for lunch was welcomed by all. For the afternoon the group was divided in half again and the teams alternated between climbing on the indoor wall and trying their hand at the art of archery. With an evening activity of Giant Scrabble all were keen to jump into bed at the nearest opportunity and pick up a good night’s sleep.

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