Camp Journal

red and blues camping!

10th July 2013

After their normal sport/language morning routine the red and blue group assembled in the patinoire sports hall for a quick kit check before setting off on the hike to… CAMPING! Or, as Seif pointed out, more glamping as the groups would be sleeping over in the Torgon Ski Club chalet just above Plan de Croix. Although hiking wasn’t everyone’s favourite activity, Tatjana and Ella improvised, making the most of their group leaders by getting piggy backs over the flat parts of the walk!! However the activity leaders also had to improvise when the road was blocked by some unimpressed looking cows with their young calves! Then, as if the walk hadn’t been exciting enough as the campers approached the chalet they were met by loud thunder and some distant flashes of thunder which the campers found amusing but a noticeable increase in walking pace was noted! Thankfully the weather improved in time for the bbq dinner and the ground was dry enough to be able to collect some wood for a cosy campfire constructed by Liam and Fearghal for roasting some marshmallows. The campers also learnt some entertaining new songs, the favourite definitely being Emma’s fruit salad song!!

After the fire the sleepy campers climbed into their sleeping bags in bunks for a good sleep before the hike back down to Camp Suisse the next morning.

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