Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups to Labyrinth Adventure!

5th July 2021

The soaring sun was shining in the midst of the marvellous mountains today as the brilliant Blues and Reds sprung out of bed eager and ready for another fun filled day at Camp! Breakfast was eaten excitedly as the campers awaited the tremendous trip to the legendary Labyrinth Adventure Park.

With full stomachs and lots of enthusiasm, the Reds and Blues embarked on their journey with faces full of joy and excitement.

As we pulled smoothly into Labyrinth Adventure the campers excited the coach as quietly as international super-spies on their best behaviour ready to enter Labyrinth Adventure. Royce absolutely smashed the crazy golf course (potential future olympian!) whilst Cali and Jimena took the rubber ring slide by storm, sliding down with elegance, speed and beaming smiles. I think we might have some future zip-wire world champions in Penelope and Louise as they zoomed through the air as fast as Santa and his elves on Christmas eve!

A fun-filled morning brought our hungry campers ready to feast on brilliant baguettes, fabulous fruit and scrumptious speed bars at lunch which was followed by a spine tingling water drinking competition, which had the group leaders on the edge of their seats as Juliette and Cali rose to victory.

After lunch, the fun continued as Oliver and Julien proved to be the next Lewis Hamiltons on the car machines and Ivi, Claire, Elena and Carla were ‘Rolling on a River’ on the inflatable hamster wheels. Meanwhile, Ricardo and Paolo made Tigger look bad at bouncing on the brilliant bouncy Castle.

As always every single camper smashed it today and demonstrated to us their shining manners and personalities. A great day was had by all. Very proud of all our campers today!!!!

– Beatrice Palmer, Group Leader