Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Languages & Moving Mountains

22nd July 2021

Bam! and another wondrous day at Camp has whizzed by. The morning was filled with our fabulous campers using their brilliant brains in language classes. On the french side of life Carla, Pierre and Spencer absolutely smashed a wicked rendition of ‘Heads Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ with more energy than Joe Wicks doing ‘PE with Joe’ during the last lockdown. This splendid singing was followed by French vocab, inspired football, which was more nail biting than the England/ Italy football final. Across in the English classes, Victoria, Flavia, Elena, Juan, Maria and Mathilde spoke English more impressively than the Queen and put BBC news to shame on their talent show prep. Equally, the francophone superstars were practising their theatrical masterpiece which is ‘Boucle d’Or et Les Trois Ours’ starring Youssef, Carla and Leo as the Three Bears, Cate and Leah as the narrators, Maisy as Goldilocks, Spencer as Mastermind/ Superstar spur tree and Pierre as the chef, and Will will debut later in the session!

After lunch, the awesome afternoon saw our joyous juniors tackle the ‘Moving Mountains’ activity, showcasing their incredible team work skills. Our incredible day campers Alya, Amal and Ayah fitted in like ducks to water, with their terrific team work. Meanwhile, Mia, Javier and Alice excelled in the land raft challenge.

All in all, another incredible day with our utterly fabulous campers of whom we are all very proud!

– Beatrice Palmer, Group Leader