Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Languages & Archery

18th July 2021

Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour bonjour to the first dreamy day of session Two. Camp suisse was buzzing with energy as our fabulous new campers and equally fabulous veteran campers jumped out of bed ready for a fun filled day of games and being real life robin hoods in archery!

The marvellous morning involved our lingua-star campers flaunting and strutting their stuff in the language tests! They really put the bon in jour and the guten in tag! I think Maisy, Kate and Leah may have been speaking French in their sleep!

Lunch saw the campers enjoy some phenomenal hot dogs followed by the delicious delicacies of the Camp Suisse tuck shop.

After lunch, our fabulous campers strutted their stuff to the football pitch before become real life Robin Hoods and Little Johns as they put the bulls in eye. Awesome Ari and splendid Spencer really embodied the true heart and soul of Robin hood as they made archery look as easy peasy as a lemon squeezy, whilst Leo made frisbee golf an Olympic sport and Mia, Juan, Javier and Youssef smashed splat out of the park. Meanwhile, Mathilde, Maria and Nicolas made such an amazing effort at speaking English today and smashed It!

Very proud of our fabulous campers again today and very excited for session with these absolute iconic Legends !!!!

– Beatrice Palmer, Group Leader