Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Language Classes and Art Jamming!

8th July 2021

Woken up by an enormously intense thunderstorm, the reds and blues made their way to another great breakfast. The conversations of the morning were all about the adventures of the amazing AquaParc yesterday. Both Mia and Cesar were super excited to tell us about their experiences on the orange slide and the Black Hole slide.

Excited about what the day would bring, the Reds and Blues went out to the playground with their language classes. Cali and Jullieta went on to do a mind boggling game of chess. Julian and Oliver both rode the zipline like absolute legends and Penelope, Louise and Jeanne explored the whole area while having their conversations in English.

The afternoon was filled with some Bob Ross like art-jamming activities. Ivi and Jimina really showed their talents for the fine arts! Right before dinner we landed down for a movie to get some well deserved rest after a couple of nonstop days of fun activities!

– Suzanne Wallet, Group Leader