Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Lake Day!

9th July 2021

The rising of the golden sun brought the rising of the legendary reds and blues. Breakfast was a welcome sight as an extra special Camp Suisse assortment of fruit, toast, Nutella and pain au chocolat was devoured as well as an array of yogurts, cereals and as many condiments as one could imagine. Nutella being a firm favourite for the campers as they fuelled ready for a dreamy day of paddle boarding, banana boating and swimming out on Lake Geneva!!

Jimena , Carla and Cali showed us how to paddle board like pros as they glided across Lake Geneva as cool and chill as can be, whilst Oliver and Julien put Tom Daley to shame as they jumped off the highest diving board like absolute iconic legends – I think we might have two future olympians!!! Equally, Claire, Ivi and Elena taught us the true Oxford English Dictionary definition of “water baby” as they strutted their stuff in the lake with such ease!!!

Over by the swimming pool, Anatole, who was initially feeling slightly apprehensive about swimming, made us all proud as he jumped in like a seasoned professional and even created a new pool game, involving ping pong, which we all had lots of fun playing!!! Watch out Paris 2024, water ping pong bat gliding is going to be on the cards !!!

Cesar, Elena, Victoria, Juan, Paul, Paolo and Olivia swam better than baby sharks as they raced across the pool whilst playing ball at the same time !!

The day also saw our brave Blues and Reds conquer the banana boat, which is not for the faint hearted but every one of them took It like champions and glided across Lake Geneva faster than Neil Armstrong running to the rocket on his first exhibition to space !

All in all, a fabulous day was had and our Blue and Red legends made us proud once again with their manners, participation and all round fabulousness!!!

– Beatrice Palmer, Group Leader