Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Labyrinth Adventure Park!

19th July 2021

Today the Reds and Blues went to Labyrinth Adventure! This is an exciting theme park, filled with many rides and games. The campers really enjoyed being able to go off on their own and explore it. There was something for everyone including a 10m high slide, which Maria particularly enjoyed! Spencer also enjoyed the rocking Pirate Ship, that thrilled many of our campers.

Of course, there was also the main attraction – the labyrinth itself! A twisting, confusing maze that required great path finding to navigate. Raya, Lucretia and Kate managed it, however, and made it safely out to the other side! Everyone also enjoyed the beautiful sun which made sunbathing also a popular activity. All in all, a great day was had by all and we all enjoyed the Labyrinth Adventure Park!

– Sam Kelly, Group Leader