Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Aigle Pool!

16th July 2021

The reds and blues really embodied the true meaning of the phrase ‘rise and shine’ as they sprung out of bed this morning ready to take on their last day at Camp suisse. Nutella was devoured at breakfast and a movie spectatle was watched as campers steadily started to say their fair-wells after a fantabulous weeks at Camp. Julien, Aiden, Mircea and David stunned us all with a last match of ultimate frisbee as they killed It on the patinoire like true athletes ready for olympic victory.

Excitement filled the camp as the remaining campers boarded the coach to travel to the fabulously exotic destination of aigle pool for a splash-tastic day of fun and games. With a water-side climbing wall, zip- wire, restaurant, shop and Two stunningly jaw dropping pools, there is really nothing that aigle pool doesnt offer.

Mia zip-wired into the pool like a shooting star zipping accross the night sky before swimming more impressively than Michael phelps accross the state of the art pool. Equally, Elena, Flavia, carla and victoria flew down the wonderful Water- slide making rubber ring sliding an olympic sport. Tom daly would be put to shame by the mighty Juan’s incredibly mind- boggling flips off the diving board into the pool whilst awesome Alice put the definition of Water baby into Oxford english dictionary.

All in all a fabulous day was had by all and we are so proud of our incredible reds and blues !

– Beatrice Palmer, Group Leader