Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups – a Splashtacular Day at the AquaParc!

7th July 2021

The reds and blues set off this morning on a splashtacular day at AquaParc. We left promptly and arrived with loads of time to spend lounging in deck chairs… except we did no relaxing! Instead we went from slide to slide to slide to slide and tried out as much as we could! Many of us overcame fears today, from small spaces to heights to scary rides we did it all! A special congratulations to Jimena as she flew down The Jump slide as it was all of the above and she went and did it anyways! Anatole was seen helping other kids set up their floaties for the slides, and Mia had her whole group going down the Lazy River in style.

We dined on the terrace and once we felt thoroughly satisfied, we went back into the Parc for even more! This time we were given more responsibility with our timings and it definitely payed off, everyone stepped up to the plate and proved once again, to be extremely trustworthy. On one particular slide, Camille sang “I believe I can fly” at the top of his lungs much to the amusement of everyone nearby.

Once changed, we made a stop off in the shop for some souvenirs – expect presents home! We’ve made some guesses about what’s for dinner, we hope it’s burgers and chips, or maybe macaroni… After food we’ll be watching a replay of the Spain Vs Italy match, for some reason Juan isn’t so eager to watch it today, I wonder why…

Until tomorrow!

Katy Rea, Group Leader