Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: A Languages Buzz and Bushcraft!

11th July 2021

Whoosh! And just like that our first week at Camp has whizzed by and we are so proud of our campers’ resilience, progression and interaction in the past week. After welcoming some new Blue and Red legends on Saturday, we had a spectacular Sunday doing language classes and an unreal ultimate survival in the forest, which would make even Bear Grills very jealous!

Language classes this morning saw our fabulous French learners and epic English learners smash some language team building challenges on the football pitch. Lena and Mia took language animal bulldog by storm as they sped across the terrific terrain as fast a bolt of lighting. Equally, Cesar asked his fellow campers some incredible and insightful questions, which both challenged their marvellous minds and channeled their inner Mo Farah running talents!

As the clock turned 11:30, it was time to practise the singing spectacle that is Mr Sun. Camille, Lena, Anatole, Charles and Paul sang like angels as they belted out Mr Sun more impressively than Mariah Carey singing ‘All I want for Christmas’ on Christmas Eve. At the same time, over in the French class, Jimena and Julieta made Old McDonald proud as they sang e aye e aye o more enthusiastically than Mary Berry making a victoria sponge.

The afternoon saw Julien, David, Mircea and Aiden embody the heart of Grand Designs as they designed and built a jaw dropping den in the fantastic forest. Cali, Penélope, Louise and Valeria proved to be true naturals at fire lighting as they surprised us all with their incredible skills.

All in all another fabulous day with the reds and blues as they made us all proud once again! What icons!

– Beatrice Palmer, Group Leader