Camp Journal

Red and Blue Group Together

19th July 2012


Thursday saw the Red and Blue groups team up for activities and the afternoon session. The regular morning routine of languages and sport was enjoyed by all, particularly the energetic game of football on the stunning pitch in the forest. Campers were not quite so keen on the walk to and from, but this is surely good training for next week’s camping!

After a quick packed lunch we boarded the coach and headed down the mountain towards Lake Geneva. Unfortunately the weather was not quite nice enough for Banana Boating, but the substitute of a trip to the Aquapark was more than enough compensation! The sights of numerous slides had all the campers giddy with excitement, and after a quick safety briefing we headed into the wavy delights! General consensus seemed to mark out the pitch black slide as the favourite, but all were much appreciated by the happy campers, as was the stop for sweets on the way out!













A delicious dinner of Fajitas was followed by an incredible evening of karaoke, with some real hidden talents emerging. With the official talent show approaching on Saturday hopefully we will be hearing some of these young Lady Gagas/Bruno Mars again. Approaching the midpoint of the session it has been a great week so far, and we are excited for upcoming adventures like Olympic Day and Camping.


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