Camp Journal

Red and Blue Return from Camping

7th August 2013

Yesterday after a normal lessons and sport we had a very special colour meeting… one to check we had all the kit we needed for camping! Once we checked we had everything (after a few runs to the chalets for get toothbrushes), we set off on a hike up the mountain. It was a long hike in hot weather but we had lots of water breaks and enjoyed overcoming the challenge. Anna took a lead, marching at the front of the group. When we reached our home for the evening we had the choice to walk to France. The group leaders were shocked by the amount of campers who chose to do more walking, and we were especially proud of Tomisin and Evie for pushing themselves to do it.
When the group came back from France we sat down for a barbecue. Sadly rain meant we ate indoors but it was still yummy!
Luckily after dinner the weather cleared and we went out into the mountain to forage for wood for our fire. After a great effort from everyone we had a brilliant camp fire. We spent the evening eating bananas, chocolate and roasted marshmallows on the fire. We also sang songs around the fire and told scary stories, which was exciting but scary!
Then we went to bed tucked up in our sleeping bags for a night of well-deserved rest.
Today we woke up and packed our bags ready to walk back down to Camp Suisse. The walk down was much easier than the walk up! When we got back we even had time to shower and chill before lunch. All in all camping was a great success!!

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