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Planes, Trains, Automobiles…

14th July 2012

Saturday 14th July

Following a previous busy day at the departure desks of Geneva airport, once again Julie and her team returned to the airport to welcome the latest campers to grace Torgon with their presence for our second International session of 2012. Scores of campers flew in from across the globe to be shuttled up to Torgon by Mike and JD, the finest drivers in Switzerland!

The team of Camp Suisse staff welcomed the arrivals throughout the day, both at the airport and also being there to greet the parents who made their way from their respective homelands to our mountain base in Torgon. Staff provided tours to the campers (and their parents) before helping them settle into the accommodation that they’ll call home for the next couple of weeks. 

For those fortunate people who arrived early, an unforgettable experience was had with those campers staying on from session 1. In the morning, Heinke and Hannah, John, Mera, Zaina, Maan, Feras, Ethan and Miles were led off with our very own Kirsty and Sarah and all those early arrivals in order to search for the infamous Mouflon; a mythical creature that we’re fortunate to have in our vicinity.

The nature of arrivals day means that we have a constant stream of new arrivals. For all these new campers, we had a host of different activities that kept them busy. From the games of football to the walks out in the Swiss Alps, we all made the most of the Swiss sunshine by releasing excess energy in many different activities. 

A great dinner of bolognaise or Thai veg curry, served up by Dean and his team was greatly appreciated by all, before the “getting to know you” games took place within each colour group, led by the Heads of Colour: Billy, Nicky, Lindsay and Harry. It wasn’t too long though before the jet-lag and fatigue set in for the many campers who had crossed several time zones to make it to Torgon, so an early night was much called for. In all, the excitement of session 2 is at fever pitch: roll on tomorrow!

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