Camp Journal

Our ‘Top Secret’ Good Egg outing

17th June 2012

As the winner of a Mini Egg award, my fellow (Mini and Good) Eggs and I were highly anticipating our secret outing on Friday night. Due to a change in our schedule, we were left in suspense for an extra 24 hours, as all of the staff went on a team building camping trip to France on Friday afternoon. After a very tiring 2 days hiking to France and back we were more than ready for our surprise on Saturday night. 

Ready at 6pm, we were driven down the mountain to our mystery location. Making guesses en route, we eventually arrived at a perfect picnic spot in Villeneuve. The weather could not have been better to complete the setting for a perfect picnic on the shore of Lake Geneva surrounded by the towering, snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps.  Joined by our chauffer, JD, we were treated to a picnic dinner of cheeses, cured meats, fresh bread, olives and wine. After a good few hours of relaxation, delicious food, and having watched the sun set over the lake and behind the mountains, we headed back up the mountain feeling extremely well-rewarded for our hard work.Camp Suisse Employee of the WeekEmployee of the Week

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