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Parc Aventure

21st July 2011

Today the Green, White and Yellow colour groups went to Parc Aventure and it was brilliant!  

It has always been a favourite activity as the campers get the chance to climb through the trees completing various obstacles and defeating many fears.  


Using a series of wires and harnesses we were able to overcome numerous challenges such as tight ropes, spinning ladders and even a flying skateboard.  Remember this is all high off the ground and built in trees.  


We also had the chance to let the wind blow through our hair as we took the massive zip wire back to the middle of the park. Much to the campers’ amusement I managed to get stuck in the trees and had to be ‘dramatically’ rescued by a member of the Parc Adventure staff.  All in all it was a fantastic day and everyone wished we could stay longer, even if our arms and legs ached a little.



Camp Mentor

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