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Goodbye Tanay… hello new camp site!

1st July 2011

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that all members of staff here at Camp Suisse bid fare-well to the stunning location of Lake Tanay from the camping agenda for the imminent future. Speaking on behalf of all at Camp Suisse, both staff and campers alike, I think it goes without saying that the memories of Tanay will be dearly cherished by all those fortunate enough to have spent time there. However, fear not, for the closure of this chapter represents the dawning of an entirely new and exciting one here at Camp Suisse! As of summer 2011, the traditional camp bonfire, complete with roaster marshmallows and an abundance of truly terrible jokes and ghastly ghost stories, will be relocating to a new site, just over the border in France. Not only does this new camp site bring together all the best bits from our previous site, it also has the promise to be so much better! Not least because once reserved, the site is exclusively ours; which apart from the fact that the site is far from any nearby shops and other signs of civilisation, and although we realise this results in the end of the ice-cream run, means our campers receive a much more authentic camping experience. 


Camping Chapelle d'Abondance France

The camping trip consists of a hike, the distance of which is tailored to the age and ability of the group. On arrival at camp, after a short afternoon tea break to replenish the energy stores, our camp leaders take the campers through the basics of camp craft, not least how to erect their own tents. A session of games and team building games ensues, before campers head off on a nature trail to discover the surrounding wildlife, finishing up on the shore of the beautiful Lac d’Arvouin. On the way back from the trail campers are tasked with collecting the firewood for the campfire, some finds being rather more substantial than others. Back at camp, campers wind down and fill up with a BBQ followed by toasted marshmallows and chocolate banana boats, before the traditional round of camp songs and camper told jokes and ghost stories.


Camping Lac de Tanay


Camping presents our campers with a variety of new challenges and experiences, and while some may not always appreciate every aspect, little do they know they how much this experience will add to their personal development.

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