Camp Journal

One Last Adventure for the Greens and Yellows!

17th August 2020

Today was our last full day of activities at Camp Suisse and what an action packed last day it was! We began our day with a trip to the chocolate factory Maison Cailler. After a tour through history from the Aztec Empire to how chocolate became famously associated with Switzerland, we got to go to the tasting room. Here, everyone got some samples of the kinds of chocolate made at Cailler. Most were good, except perhaps one which was some sort of treacle jelly concoction. I wish you could have seen India’s face as it turned from curiosity to disgust and confusion after biting into it. Her favourite is the white chocolate.

Next we went the the town of Gruyère which is famous for the cheese by the same name. Zach wondered why the town smelled strange and was told it was due to the volume of cheese being made and consumed there! After lunch we all got to wander around the town looking at the souvenir shops and picking up presents for our friends and family. Some of the girls even got Swiss friendship bracelets to remember their time at Camp Suisse.

Back to camp we went to pack our bags and get ready for prom which will be held in the picnic area in the forest, how exciting! We arrived up on the bus and made our way to our seats. The place was decorated beautifully with bunting and natural materials. We devoured our food and then danced the night away. All that time on Tiktok payed off as our dance moves were just perfect.