Camp Journal


7th August 2013

Today the campers woke up to a slightly cold and wet view of the mountains. The weather was a change from the beautiful clear sunny skies we’ve been lucky enough to experience but nonetheless we were not going to let this rain dampen our spirits. 
First up this morning was sports and languages where campers got to show off their skills in sport  and from what I’ve heard, all campers are advancing well in languages. Youssef and Fares Hedda are especially excelling well in English. 
After lunch it was time to warm up our voices, paint our faces and try our best to earn the title of “Winner of Camp Suisse Olympics, Session 3, 2013”. All campers were out into groups where they had to paint each others faces, make up a creative team chant and think up some sort of dance to go with their cheer. 
In the first hour of Olympics it seemed that Japan were going to take the title but as the day progressed it seemed to be a close game between Jamaica and Brazil. After facing an afternoon of difficult challenges and by using their sheer determination and teamwork Jamaica took the title of “Winner of Camp Suisse Olympics, Session 3, 2013”. Closely behind and drawing on second place were China and Brazil and in a well deserved third place was Japan. 
All the campers got right into the Olympic spirit, enjoyed the afternoon and did their country proud! 

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