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Nogrots…how will you spend yours?

20th June 2011

If you’ve ever spent a summer at Camp Suisse you’re sure to be familiar with the word ‘nogrot’- that bizarre and otherwise meaningless word that strikes excitement and joy into the hearts of our campers. If this word is new to your vocabulary it’s because it was coined right here at Camp Suisse; the brain child of ex-Camp Suisse Senior Staff member Rich Tippett. Nogrots have, over the past couple of years, become somewhat of an institution at Camp Suisse, with Campers doing their very best to get their mitts on these oh-so-precious rewards. 

Still confused? Let me explain: here at Camp Suisse we operate a reward system called nogrots. Any camper who is seen to have achieved a great personal success or performed excellently in their language class can be rewarded with a nogrot- a voucher worth 20 cents that can be used in conjunction with real money at the souvenir shop. “Why nogrots?” you may ask. Well, reverse the order of the letters (minus the ‘s’) and there’s your answer- an anagram of Torgon, the home of Camp Suisse. 

This year nogrots have undergone a major revamp; not only have they been given out as rewards for outstanding success and effort, this summer nogrots have become the official Camp Suisse currency. Out with the euro, the pound, the Swiss franc… and in with the nogrot! That’s right, the accepted currency on camp is now the nogrot. On arrival at camp campers have the opportunity to exchange their pocket money for nogrots, at an exchange rate of 20 cents to 1 nogrot, to be used as official currency for buying snacks, drinks and souvenirs. 

The benefits are clear; small change is done away with, confusing exchange rates are a thing of the past and best of all, the souvenir shop is streamlined, making more time for campers to fully profit from the evening entertainment. The only question that remains- how will you spend yours?

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