Camp Journal

Mountain Adventure for the Greens!

23rd July 2018

Sunday started with an 8am breakfast and two hours of languages for all greens and yellows, they are really coming on! We then had a brilliant 90 minutes on the climbing wall improving our footwork and coordination. A delicious lunch followed, packed with hot dogs, salads, baked potatoes, panini’s and more!

After lunch we got packed up for our mountain adventure day and set off up the hill and into the forest. Campers experienced life in the wilderness as they constructed shelters, filtered water and made fire ?. It was an amazing afternoon and we were blessed with glorious weather too! We ventured back down to camp for shower hour then were treated to a delicious meal at our local restaurant ‘Les Caprins’. We gorged on pizza and some bought delicious ice cream for dessert. After dinner we chilled and played games in the restaurant before returning to the centre- what a day!

Jack, Group Leader