Camp Journal

Mont Olivet go camping!

19th June 2013

After a hearty breakfast, as the sun was shining beautifully over the mountains, Mont Olivet A were ready to start some fantastic team building games. As instructions were explained in both English and French, all three groups revelled in working together on the “spider’s web”, “the electric fence” and the “plank walk”. After a morning of team building, Taff from the activities team explained to the group what was needed for the short hike and overnight stay at the ski club deep in to the mountains. Before having a delicious picnic outside, we packed our bags for camping making sure we didn’t forget pjs and toothbrushes. During our walk to the campsite, we stopped to relax every now and then taking in the surrounding views. As we reached the site, we continued on to explore more and see the views of France! We were all in awe of the views, taking endless photos. We then returned to our temporary residence at the dormitories to have a nice outdoor BBQ, of sausages, burgers, our special camp potatoes and salad. As the sun set above us, we melted chocolate and marshmallows in bananas over the camp fire that Taff built for us. After a long day packed full of activities, we were all ready to hit the hay for night. After a night’s sleep, the next morning on our walk back to camp, we sang and grew excited to get back to our homes and rest after an adventurous night away!

We spent the afternoon mountain biking, riding up and down the trails which helped us to perfect our riding skills. We then returned to base to enjoy our dinner of lasagne and waffles, followed by an evening of Bingo. All I can say is Switzerland – you do not disappoint!

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