Camp Journal

Mission Day: Operation Black Socks

16th July 2011

Corporal Smith, to Sargent Joe Public…….

The final challenge for the Camp Suisse Campers involved the navigation of 5 missions designed to test their skills in agility, balance, problem solving and team work.  Campers were assigned to a task force (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta or Echo) and prepared for their missions by camouflaging one another before being debriefed by Lt Col Ian in the briefing room.

Once they had been debriefed they were whisked off to complete their 5 missions by their Squadron Leaders. Champions of the Archery field were Squadron Bravo, who racked up an impressive number of bull’s-eyes.  The whole team participated valiantly and managed to earn vital points towards their final score.

Testing the Squadrons hand/eye coordination came with exercises on the tennis court.  Squadron Charlie were experts at grenade handling and the points kept stacking up thanks to the grit and determination of the Charlie’s.Vertical infiltration on the climbing wall was another mission with Alpha Squadron claiming vital points taking them top of the leader board.

This meant that Squadron Echo had to take to the wall knowing nothing less than a complete team performance would be sufficient.  Difficult ascents were made to look like child’s play, with all members excelling in the tasks they faced. Individual speed climbs combined with great communication in blindfolded climbs saw Squadron Echo’s points score increase rapidly.  When the half day scores were counted, the inevitable became reality and Squadron Echo secured a comprehensive lead to cries of…… “Who are we!?……. Team Echo!”

Testing the intelligence and team work of the Squadron required the completion of a propaganda film.  The Delta Squadron worked well together, with a few budding Spielberg’s emerging from the team.  Needless to say, the Delta Squadron took maximum points.

Alpha Squadron were full of energy in the afternoon and performed majestically on the mountain bike course, the chant of “We are the Champions” echoed through Torgon as the team navigated over balance beams and see-saws.

Tensions were high as the scores were counted and the Squadrons gathered for their final mission, building a bridge using simple materials, such as plastic cups, string, cardboard and sticky tape.  Squadrons were permitted to trade point’s won earlier in the day for additional items.  Delta Squadron’s performance in the final mission lifted them from 5th to 2nd, with the final standings being;

1. Bravo

2. Delta

3. Alpha

4. Charlie

5. Echo

A great completion of missions by all Squadrons.

Over and out Sargent.….

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