Camp Journal

Mission Day: Operation Black Socks

28th July 2011

Once again, with the threat of an enemy attack iminent, an elite squad of brave campers set forth upon Mission Day in the quest for glory. After a briefing session and copious amounts of face paint, the five teams set out on their mission, tackling five of the toughest obstacles to have ever faced Camp Suisse.


Agility was pushed to the limit in the Advanced Mobility Skills training, where the ability to successfully navigate challenging obstacle course upon a mountain, saw many staff cast in the shade, with some outstanding individual camper performances. Shooting practice at the archery targets re-ignited the Robin Hood within most, although there were a few Maid Marion performances too. No names being mentioned.


Physical ability was pushed at the climbing wall, with five challenging ascents succesfully navigated by all. Arms aching, and legs tired, team work and accuracy were tested at the tennis courts, whereby the fruits of morning sports sessions were evident for all to see. Shooting hoops like an NBA pro, demonstrating the tennis finesse of Roger Federer, mastering a hockey stick and exhibiting the fleet footed dribbling skills one would associate with Lionel Messi. Nothing was beyond the squadron members. Add in some of the greatest goal celebrations to have ever graced the hallowed turf – Dare I say Delta giving a masterclass in legendary celebrations (Gascoigne, Romario and Fowler to name a few). As if that wasn’t enough, brains were put to the test in the toughest orienteering challenge to hit Torgon. Compasses in hand andarmed with little more than a bearing and distance, the forest was there to be navigated and markers found.


Once the five challenges were complete, the squadrons reconvened fortheir top secret mission. Equipped with a range of materials, the brief was to build the longest bridge possible. Two teams rose to the top: Alpha and Delta. To decide the winner? The battleground was the dance floor,  with the two teams in the dance-off to end all danc-offs. Hips were shaking and legs were shuffling as both teams battled for supremacy. In the end, the moves of Alpha Squadron proved too hot to handle and they claimed overall glory for Mission Day, Session 2. Whichever team you were on, it didn’t really matter. All had a great day and competed fiercely. What started as five rabbles of rookies ended the day as five elite mission day squadrons. And once the face paint was washed off, dancing shoes were put on, and the whole camp danced the night away. 


Camp Suisse, Session 2, 2011, It has been a pleasure.

Over and Out. 

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