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Match of the Day

2nd August 2012

Last night’s evening activity for the Yellow and Green group was on a par with a small footballing event that took place a few weeks ago. Whilst the European football championships of 2012 may have been forgotten in place of the Olympic Games in London, Torgon played host to a game of ultra-competitive football between an elite bunch of athletes (the staff) and their equally gifted camper contemporaries.

Captained by Sam and organised amongst themselves, the campers set out to dominate from the very first minute. The temperature and conditions were perfect for a high-tempo game, with free-flowing football and samba skills on display from the off. Whilst there was clearly a large difference in size between some of the bigger staff members and the green groupers, our staff were often found wanting in the middle of the park, when the high energy levels and skill of the campers’ team meant that huge gaps appeared in the centre of the field. With William pulling the strings in the centre of the field, through balls just managed to escape the grasps of the staff team, so much so that after having taken the lead, one of these through balls managed to find its way past the last line of defence, causing a terrible mix up between goalkeeper and defence and our left back (Coach driver, Mike) was left with egg on his face as the ball trickled past goalkeeper Ian Seaman and into his own net. 

The next 10 minutes of the match saw the start of the rolling substitutions from both teams (especially the staff!) as the high-intensity took its toll on both sides. Whilst the staff team were able to draw upon impact players, such as “Slim” Jim and Tom “Rooney” from activities, they were unable to create an advantage over their opposition, who were expertly marshalled in defence by the indefatigable Harry.


As half time beckoned, much to the annoyance of the crowd, the staff took a slender advantage, winning 2-1 before the superb referee (Taff) signalled an end to the first half. Yet in the blink of an eye, the game restarted in the same fashion as the previous half ended, with tackles flying in from JD and Rich and the youthful campers starting to get an extra bit of energy from those tired legs in Torgon. What happened next wouldn’t have been amiss on a goal of the season shortlist for the Barclays Premier League. As JD received a yellow card for a poorly-timed challenge on the edge of the area, the free kick was lined up to be smashed by Harry, only for him to roll it off for Will, whose sweetly struck shot sailed past Ian and into the top corner of the net.Whilst the match may have finished 6-3 in favour of the staff, the staff team were fortunate to escape with a victory, which in truth was deserved by the campers’ team. All that remains to be said is that whether they won or lost, the valiant effort of the campers’ earned the respect and admiration both of their opposition and of the throngs of people watching on. What a game!

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