Camp Journal

Languages and labyrinths

15th July 2019

Today, the Reds and Blues set off for a jam-packed trip to Labyrinth Adventure Park. The Blues were over the moon to explore the park in their small groups, while the reds got to experience it al under the supervision of their group leader. The campers were able to spend the entire afternoon roaming the park and trying as many of the games and attractions as they could. The labyrinth was the highlight of the day, a huge maze with lots of fun games and play equipment inside to keep the fun alive even when they were terribly lost. The frustration when reaching dead ends really demonstrated how determined they were to get back for afternoon tea! Finally they turned the final corner and burst out of the maze with loud woops of joy, they were out! To top off a fantastic day, after dinner the Reds and Blues were transported to Las Vegas for the famous Camp Suisse Casino Night! 

The Greens had an exciting day in-camp! After breakfast, they headed into the forest for a morning of bush-craft with the activities staff. They practiced shelter building – (some shelters were more water-tight than others!) and fire building. After a hot lunch, the campers met their language teachers and had their first language classes. In the afternoon, the Greens worked in teams to design bottle rockets that would aim to fly above the trees. A delicious dinner was followed by an busy evening of sports and dance. The Greens are excited for a day at Glacier 3000 tomorrow!

Meanwhile, the Yellows started their day with Archery and a session in the Camp Suisse climbing wall. They were broken into smaller groups to allow the instructors to give each camper quality teaching time at their new skill. Their first in-house hot lunch of the session included paninis, hot dogs and jacket potatoes, and went down a treat, setting the campers up for an afternoon of languages and team building games. All the Yellow campers had a great day and are excited for tomorrow’s adventures.