Camp Journal


15th July 2012

Red Group

After getting to know each other on the first evening, the Reds woke up full of enthusiasm for their first full day at Camp. After a hearty breakfast of cereal, toast, yoghurt and of course chocolate spread, they split into two groups for languages and sport. 

Unfortunately a light smattering of rain meant they were unable to go outside, but were instead treated to an introduction to climbing on the indoor wall. Everyone learned lots about climbing technique with the activity gurus Tom and Chris. By the end of the session almost everyone was able to scale to the very top of the wall, and all are excited to return later in the week to practice their skills. Halfway through the morning the groups swapped so that those that had done languages went climbing, and the climbers underwent their language assessment. After a thoroughly engaging morning all campers were ready for some lunch!


With sandwiches, muesli and chocolate bars and juice lining their stomachs they boarded the bus to the Labyrinthe Aventure. After descending the mountain they were all eager to embrace the challenges of the giant maze. Going around in groups, Stef’s group seemed happy to escape over the wall without finishing. Chloe’s group got somewhat lost in the depths of the maze but eventually made it out, but the undoubted winners were Billy’s group who worked together brilliantly to discover the proper way out. Afterwards everyone enjoyed some free time to go on the slides, funny bikes, engage in gladiatorial combat and work on their balancing skills. A fantastic time was enjoyed by all, and when it was time to return to the bus some campers had to be dragged away from the entertainment! Upon returning to camp there was just time to have shower, tidy rooms and play some ping pong before dinner.


The evening entertainment consisted of a thrilling game of bingo, culminating in Beatriz and Marina winning exclusive Camp Suisse key rings. By 9pm campers were ready to brush their teeth, roll into their pyjamas and put their heads down for some well earned rest! Tomorrow promises to be an equally a-maze-ing day with more languages, sports and our first crack at Mountain Biking!

Blue Group

Day 1 of session 2 kicked off with a bang when 33 excitable Blues woke up to the stunning view of the Alps from their bedroom windows. They eagerly ate their breakfast, before embarking on their first language lessons. Campers took foreign language lessons in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish with our expert language teachers while the other half took a turn from the traditional to scale up to the

dizzying heights of the indoor climbing wall. 


The Labyrinth was the biggest maze they had ever seen and the Blues united with the Reds to crack the challenge with everyone determined to reach the middle. So they raced around looking for castles and treasure chests, campers also had fun playing on the giant bouncy castles, slides and zip wires. 

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