Camp Journal

The internationals are up and running!

4th July 2011

Good morning to one and all!

It is yet another glorious day here in Torgon, where the first of our 3 international sessions are underway! Yesterday represented the first full day for all of our campers and the younger groups (Red & Blue) took a trip down to the Labyrinth to have an afternoon frantically searching for the 10 missing castles and treasure chests before taking advantage of some of the more unusual looking bikes and slides on offers. Semen from Maddie’s group was particularly good inside the maze, whilst all the others managed to get a respectable 8 out of 10 castles!

This morning the language classes have begun and as the mid-point of the first classes fast approaches, the roaring laughter of certain students combined with the frantic note-taking is obvious to all staff here. This afternoon will be particularly enjoyable for the older groups (Green, White & Yellow) as they attempt to conquer the challenges of Parc Aventure. Who will come out on top, the children or the course? Only time will tell….

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