Camp Journal

We are INTERNATIONAL Camp Suisse

16th May 2011

Astoundingly, last summer over 40 different nations were represented by our campers! Hailing from parts of the globe near and far we welcomed youngsters from Venezuela and Brazil, from Iraq and Israel, from Kenya and Guinea, from as far away as Australia and from as near as just down the road in Lausanne. We here at camp are extremely proud to be able to bring together such a vast mixture of cultures and languages all in the name of creating a fantastic summer experience! We may all like different foods, we may all speak a different mother tongue, we may all wear different clothes… but one thing’s for sure, we all feel the same sense of exhilaration when you tumble off the banana boat into Lake Geneva! The name ‘International Camp Suisse’ couldn’t describe us better. So let’s wait and see how many nationalities we tally up this summer!