Camp Journal

ICC Hong Kong 2011

14th November 2011

Last week saw Camp Directors Julie & Richard attend the International Camping Congress in Hong Kong organized by the International Camping Fellowship. The congress was designed to bring together summer camps from all over the world to share experiences and ideas about camp life and to discuss industry issues from different countries both now and into the future. The congress included summer camps from all over Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Russia and Asia. These summer camps ranged in variety from language camps to outdoor educational camps and religious camps to sports and study camps. A great time was had by all (especially Julie who feasted on the all you can eat seafood buffet!!) We met some very entertaining people, experienced some great cultural events and took away some fantastic ideas from fellow camps to bring to Camp Suisse. Preparations for next summer are already well under way and we cannot wait for Camp Suisse 2012.

Tags: Camp Directors Cultural Exchange