Camp Journal

The end of day 3… already?!

6th June 2012

Coach 1

Wednesday’s activities began with half the Camp Suisse employees donning racoon-like tans (which from first-hand experience also looked immensely painful!) following a suntan lotion-free day at the glacier. Pity the campers chose the mature approach, applying sun cream, and were able to direct the bulk of their early exchanges at taunting the distressed, burnt staff! 

The day began with archery and rock climbing. Ignoring the rain, the campers trudged up to the football pitch and would have put Robin Hood himself to shame with some sharp-shooting archery. After building himself up beforehand declaring how he carved his own bow out of wood at home, Cameron lived up to expectations outdoing his teacher Mr.James (Comfortably!).

The afternoon consisted of team-building games on site. After an afternoon of plank walking, egg dropping, remote control photo taking, and spider-web crawling, the session culminated with a certain welsh activity leader cheating his way to victory in the bottle rocket competition- drenching everyone in the process! some sharp-shooting archery. After building himself up beforehand declaring how he carved his own bow out of wood at home, Cameron lived up to expectations, outdoing his teacher Mr. James (comfortably!).

With a packed day tomorrow including trips to Martigny, mountain biking, orienteering, and of course the pinnacle of the week the Camp Suisse disco disco disco! the campers’ last full day at camp is shaping up to be one of their best!


 Team Building Games Camp Suisse












Coach 2

When the 6.15am breakfast was announced yesterday evening the sighs of shock and disbelief were audible. However, despite a few back-to-front t-shirts and a lot of scruffed up hair, classes 6b and c deserved a great deal of credit for getting to breakfast on time. 

After a long, sleepy and at times stomach churning coach journey we arrived at the bottom of Glacier 3000. A quick toilet stop and we filed onto the ski lift which took us quite a considerable distance up to the top of Glacier 3000 – so named because it lies at 3000m above sea level. Once there the already questionable weather conditions worsened as we became enveloped in a snow cloud. Conditions were adverse but, with the green light from the Glacier security team, our intrepid arctic explorers descended the ski lift in search of the huskies, whose position could only be located by the sound of their howls against the strong mountain wind. 

Once at the bottom we began our trek through the snow to attain our prize of a husky dog sled ride. It was at this point that the conditions worsened and even our most valiant of explorers began to feel the chill. We took shelter in a nearby cabin and awaited the snow truck for a lift back to the top. A couple of minutes later and we were in the warm of the ‘snow cat’ and heading back to the warmth of the indoor picnic area. Our mission to see the huskies dogs will have to wait for lighter conditions, but we remain resilient in the face of defeat and will return to affront the glacier afresh and we will pet those huskies!

Our mood was soon changed with a quick hop over to Fun Planet and the indoor go-kart racing track. We went from James Cook inspired exploration to Schumacher inspired F1 skills. Campers donned the compulsory hair net and helmet with style and proceeded to their vehicles. A few minor collisions and a number of head-to-head races later and the winners had been decided.  All that was left was the race of races – the teachers’ head-to-head; a hard fought contest that saw staff pushing their skills to the limit. Maybe due to modesty, maybe due to a lack of a photo finish but the winner still remains undecided… we’ll leave you to argue amongst yourselves.Back in Torgon and the rest of the afternoon saw the two classes practicing their newly found skills on the climbing wall and battling it out in a 5-a-side football tournament.