Camp Journal

Hitting On Target With The Blues

16th July 2012

The Blue group bounced in to breakfast, excited to begin their first full day on site. Bags packed ready to go, budding Roger Federers and Venus Williams smashed out some super serves and wicked volleys in morning sports. 

The afternoon held promise of Archery, and so full of pasta, Blue group took a session in perfecting their bow hand. Before long, arrows were searing through the air and the Blue group were aiming on target! Quivers and bows down, there was just time for some afternoon tea before they swung back in to the afternoon activities.  The Blues had plenty of practice the day previously and so they were fully prepped for rapid ascent of the indoor wall. Activity instructor Calum upped the stakes by introducing blindfolds to the climbing campers. They were required to climb the wall while blindfolded and add their names to a piece of paper at the top of the wall.

The Reds and Blues joined together in their exploration of the centre in search clues that would lead them to the prize of the Torgona hunt. Team ‘exploding muffins’ emerged victorious, scoring a whopping 23 points, but competition was stiff and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

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