Camp Journal

Session 2 gets underway

17th July 2011

Our first full day at Camp Suisse arrived with miserable weather, however, the rain didn’t ‘dampen’ anyone’s spirits and after a morning of language tests, the Red & Blues headed to Gruyere to visit its famous cheese and chocolate factories.

Cherry the cow guided us through the cheese making and maturing process and explained how Gruyere cheese gets its delicious flavours.  After the tour we were able to sample 3 different cheeses, which had been aged 6,10 and 12 years, the latter proving to be a bit too strong for many of the campers!

When we moved on to the chocolate factory, the children took full advantage of buying souvenirs from the shop (much of which was eaten before we got back to camp) before moving on to our tour.  We learnt about the history of chocolate from its form in Aztec times to the milky Swiss version we know and love today.

Much to everyone’s delight we were able to sample copious amounts at the end of the tour and the campers went home satisfied – if not feeling a little sick Smile

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