Camp Journal

Gruyere and Garden Parties

27th July 2019

The Reds and Blues went on one of the most highly-anticipated excursions today, to the wonderful Cailler Chocolate Factory! The campers were absolutely awestruck during their tour of the factory, and especially enjoyed the Tasting Room, where they learned to be expert chocolate tasters. They ate as much chocolate as they liked, and took home as much as they could carry in their bags. The groups then travelled to the beautiful town of Gruyere, where the campers had lunch in a playground surrounded by the town walls. The children were excited to explore the Old Town, and Daria’s group even tried the fabulous fondue! After a great day out, the Reds and Blues were all excited to come back to Camp to get ready for prom.
The Greens and Yellows spent their last day in Camp, some finally getting to earn their stripes on the Mountain Biking Trails, while others worked up an appetite at the Archery Range. After lunch, the Greens and Yellows had a relaxing afternoon in the sun at the Camp Suisse Garden Party. Playing games and hanging out was the perfect end to a busy session, and allowed the campers to reflect on their favourite parts of camp and spend some chilled out time with their new friends. Although the wouldn’t let it show, the Greens and Yellows were more excited than anyone for the prom this evening. Dressed in their best, they enjoyed a lovely dinner before dancing their hearts out at the disco. A fantastic last day for all our campers!