Camp Journal

The Greens hit A wall

17th July 2013

After a sunny morning of sport and language lessons the green group split in half to take on archery, indoor climbing wall and some team building games.

Action on the climbing wall included timed ascents and the guided whilst blind folded challenge.

Carma was spider woman choosing the more difficult routes, while campers such as Lorenzo and Giorgio and Jenna endeavoured to climb completely in the dark. Once afternoon tea was devoured half the group took on a variety of team building games, some proving to be more difficult and making the teams work as a one unit. The other half of the group went over to the archery in the rain, attempting to win some of their dinner cutlery by hitting different colours on the target. The day ended with lasagne and waffles with ice cream followed by an energetic relay race and some giant scrabble! 

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