Camp Journal

Greens take up camp for the night followed by Banana Boating!

23rd July 2013

Waking up to the sunrise yesterday morning, a beautiful day began!  Sports and languages lessons in the morning: I played basketball with some of the campers, Sadio Fenner from the Green group lead a great team of three Blue campers helping them learn the rules of the game and their skills on the court.  After lunch we got our overnight kit together and hiked to the camping site.  Jenna, Helene, Carma, Tobi and myself all sang songs along the way and I even taught Carma the phoenetic alphabet! Once we arrived at camping, we split into two groups: James, Katie, Shona and Gemma walked to the French border with 22 campers.  Matt, MC, Marie, and myself helped the the other 20 adventurers collect wood for the campfire that night.  Lucas and his friends were chief gatherers until we had a really large pile of various sized fuel for the fire. Dinner was a BBQ outside with the beautiful scenery down the valley from Torgon.  Later when the sun was setting Marie and Gemma from the Acitivities team lit a campfire and all the campers sang songs including the Animal fair song, the Tarzan song and the Crocodile song.  Deni especially loved the Tarzan song with the banana peeling line at the end!
As a treat we had a little bit of the later night and lights out was at 10.30pm! Breakfast was served outside too, at 8.30am: we had cereal, beans and toast refuelling before heading back down to Camp Suisse to repack, have buffet lunch then go banana boating!  The white group came banana boating with the Greens! All who were keen had a ride on the banana, it was great fun with the sun shining and everybody smiling! Amelia and Sophie had a blast splashing into the water off the banana.

-Nicky, Head of Colour


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