Camp Journal

green group take 2

19th July 2013

After a fun packed morning of sports and languages Green group set off for their afternoon activity. Matt, Mari-Claire and Alex’s group took a short trip up the mountain to Plan De Croix for mountain biking whilst Katie H, Simon and Shona’s group took a journey down the mountain to Collombey for an outdoor climb.


The mountain bikes began with a quick gear and safety check before starting off on a few games. Helene and Tara won the slow race with their amazing control of their bikes. After a run on the tracks at Plan de Croix everyone was beginning to look like a Pro mountain bike ride, whizzing over the jumps and bumps.


Meanwhile, down at rock climbing Aiden was scaling the rock face like a champion. Everyone managed to have a go with both climbing and belaying their friends; displaying great team work!

All the greens made their way back to camp for a yummy dinner of BBQ. Lots of burgers and sausages for everyone!



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