Camp Journal

Green and Yellows go camping!!

5th August 2013

After our usual routine of sports and languages classes we all packed up ready for our camping adventure. During the hike up to our camping spot, we tackled many different paths including uphill, downhill, steep and narrow. Despite everyone feeling worn out, once we reached our destination there were smiles all round. Getting to the top we had the opportunity to look out into the beautiful scenery in front and below us. Everyone was in awe of our surroundings, especially since it was such a clear and sunny day!
Before our BBQ dinner, some of the campers took the chance to hike a particularity arduous, yet satisfying trail to France. Once arriving to the border we had again another chance to take in the scenery, including the picturesque views of Lake Geneva.
Once returning back to camp the BBQ dinner was all ready for us to tuck in to!
This involved a dessert of barbecued bananas and a sing-song. After such a laborious day, we all deserved a good night’s sleep! 


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