Camp Journal

Academia Anjo and Greenland adventures

1st July 2013

The past two days have been a fantastic in enriching the cultural knowledge of the two schools staying with Camp Suisse at the moment; Greenlands and Acadamia Anjo. 
Yesterday we were all split in to teams, mixing the nationalities to create 6 different centuries, who all completed 8 different challenges including an egg and spoon race and an obstacle course. The “UK” won with Brazil following close behind after adding up the scores from the different activities, such as song and dance creation. Next for the Spanish we had some fun English lessons followed by dinner of delicious sweet and sour chicken. For the Egyptians they enjoyed a super session of orienteering learning about maps and compasses. The birthday boy, from Greenlands school won one of the prizes in the evening entertainment of bingo – what a perfect end to a great day! Today, campers arose early and headed to Glacier 3000 for one of the best Glacier days seen all season – with glorious sunshine, the campers were incredibly excited. After the husky rides, roller coaster trips and a picnic, Academia Anjo headed back to camp to prepare for the cultural night and Greenlands visited the Cailler Chocolate Factory. Everyone enjoyed Camp Suisse’s delightful chicken pie and salad followed by peach crumble before an enjoyable evening of cultural games. The group were split in to two and required to create quiz questions to ask the other group about their culture. They exchanged gifts and “culture books”. A lovely evening of culture exchange.

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