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Greenland go camping

3rd July 2013

A sumptuous Swisss summer’s day greeted the GPIS group as they embarked on their expedition to camp. The group made great pace in marching Plan du Croix in just under two hours, before launching the final assault on the summit and the sanctuary of the plus Torgon Ski club chalet, which was to be home for the night. After a brief pause for refreshments, a further hike took the group to the Swiss-French border and another prime opportunity for photographs with views of Lake Geneva and out to the impressive Dents Blanches. After trying to spot the Eiffel Tower it was time for the barbeque – burgers and hotdogs for all followed by barbequed-bananas around the camp fire. “Black Socks” Camp Suisse’s favourite song was bellowed out, led by Activity Leaders JP and Taff. After a very merry evening it was time for bed. The night ended as all nights should, with the most exciting lightning storm Camp Suisse has witnessed to date.  

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