Camp Journal

Green Group test their skills on the wall!

31st July 2013

Today the Green group had a fun afternoon trying out their archery and climbing skills. After a hearty lunch the Green group split into two; Pete and Colin’s group going straight to the climbing wall, whilst Eilidh and Kaan’s group headed to the football field to try out their firing skills with a bow and arrow. In the Green group there were a fair few Robin Hood prodigy’s with a number of campers getting hitting the yellow bull’s eye and everyone managing to hit the board. After afternoon tea the two groups switched stations. Both groups loved the climbing wall as for many it was the second session of the day and they were able to practice more of the climbing skills on the indoor wall. It was also good to their skills up for tomorrow, as we are all heading to the real rocks to do climbing outdoors. Everyone will be well prepared now! It was a great day at Camp Suisse for Green group!!

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