Camp Journal

Green group eat the forest!

4th August 2013

What a great day for the Green group!
Today we had sports and languages as normal, but today was change over day to those kids moving onto their second choice sport. In the afternoon we had the bush craft hike. The bush craft hike is a nature walk and we learn loads of interesting facts about the forest and how to survive in the wilderness. We tasted wood sorrel, reindeer moss and learnt how to filter dirty water into drinkable water. The nature walk took us all over the surrounding forests of Torgon and we crossed high bridges and streams whilst climbing steep forest tracks.
When we returned for ‘shower hour’ and dinner, this was followed by ‘Murder Mystery Night.’
Clues were given when riddles, quizzes and games were completed. It turned out in the end, that Mr Brumwell murdered Poppy with a mop! Who would have thought??!!

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