Camp Journal

Greens and Yellows take the husky way out

30th July 2013

Today Yellow and Green campers were raring to go for a visit to the Glacier 3000 despite a 5:30am wake up. Early in the morning it looked set to be a grey day, however upon the arrival of the campers the sun soon made an appearance. The campers’ excitement was matched by the huskies that were very bouncy and lively when being greeted by our campers. The day started by the campers being pulled along by the huskies on the sled, followed by a trip down the mountain side on the Alpine Roller Coaster. All the excitement from being thrown side to side on the sled and the roller coaster wasn’t enough for our Yellow and Green’s. A trip to Glacier 3000 was followed by a visit to lake Geneva where the campers were giving Tom Daley a run for his money with their dives from the seven metre diving board, or in Bido’s case ‘run and bombing it in from the diving board.’ A super-duper day for all involved!!

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