Camp Journal

Green and Yellow take on Parc Adventure

1st July 2013

Finally the sun is out at Camp Suisse for the Green and Yellow group and it is time to play. A Great morning with languages and sports! Molly and Caridad were the stand out superstars at basketball and Samantha beat her group leader at tennis! Well done guys!  Not to mention Henry and loads more kids receiving NOGROTS for being the best in their language classes.
After the morning activities it was time for lunch and then off to the experience life in the trees at Parc Adventure; a fun and exciting climbing obstacle course. All children participated and challenged themselves to new heights. Emilia was especially inspiring and encouraging by giving support to a group leader to continue on with the course even though Emilia herself at the time was overcoming her fear of heights. All in all an inspiring and challenging day at Camp Suisse! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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