Camp Journal

Green & Yellow Groups: Ultimate Survivor!

26th July 2021

The Greens and Yellows were on their way to the Camp Suisse centre, when suddenly disaster struck! In a stunning turn of catastrophic events, their pilot, disorientated by low hanging cloud, overshot their landing area and careened into the forest – thankfully, THEY SURVIVED!

Each team worked together in order to complete tasks for their survival. The first problem they faced was that of shelter- each team made a stable structure that was capable of withstanding wind and rain, utilising sticks and moss. Each team were dehydrated so they had to filter water using plastic bottles, rocks, moss and a nearby stream. Another problem survivors faced, as well as the lack of heat, was the lack of food, as well as the threat of predators… fire solved both of these problems! Armed with a flint fire striker, each team raced for sparks and smoke to create a fire great enough to boil and purify the water. Lastly, each team discovered an injured survivor who had broken their tibia and fibula into two parts. This required campers to stop the bleeding, make a splint and keep the casualty warm. The deserved winners were Megan’s team, including Mohammed, Mason, Brendon, and Ellie!

Happy to have saved every team member, campers set off back in search of Camp Suisse before an evening of pizza and pasta in Caprins after all their hard work!

– Mary Brown, Group Leader